Sunday, December 4, 2011

Channeling my inner Siren, Borderlands style.

Recently I was made aware, through every possible channel, that Gearbox Software was holding an open casting call for a Live-Action Lilith in upcoming Borderlands 2. Hopefuls could either apply online, or attend the open call in Dallas, to be held Dec. 7th. I sent my online app last weekend, after literally 2 days worth of preparation. (Hey, 5 years worth of black hair dye isn't going to turn itself red...)  If nothing else, this was a good excuse to get updated headshots done.

 Now I wait. Constantly checking my email with bated breath.

Here's the thing: If they like me, they'll contact me to set up an in-depth screen test. Which means I have to get to Dallas on my own dime, and remain there for an indeterminate amount of time (at max, the first 3 weeks of December.) I have a feeling my place of employment will be less than thrilled, should I suddenly need to go on vacation. Right before Christmas. When another gal is about to go on maternity leave. Meh. Mutha-truckin' Lilith in Borderlands > 30 hour a week retail job. Still, not looking forward to the possible conversation with my manager.

I like to think I have a chance at this. Most of the avenues Gearbox used to advertise seemed to reach mainly male audiences. Of the females who've heard AND are interested, I figure many are simply unable to get to Dallas. Of those, I bet there are some who do not fit the demographic.

I was already highly eager about Borderlands 2, and have been ravenously seeking out all information released. I will be getting this game as soon as possible. But playing it and having *me* pop up in my HUD? It'd be weird. Good weird.

I figured now was an opportune time to start a blog, to keep a running update for those interested. That and I just want a place to talk at length about my maiden run-though of Deus Ex (yeah, the first one), the imminent building of my gaming PC, and the random stuff the Mister says.


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