Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh hi 2012...

So life, as it is wont to do, got super-busy by mid-December and is just now getting back to normal. The Mister and I are ravenously hunting for a new apartment, and I can't wait to get it over with. I hate house-hunting, packing, moving. We'll be staying in the same general area, for now.

My New Year's Resolution: (I actually have one this year) I will draw every day of 2012. As the interwebs as my witness, this I vow! In anticipation of *someday* getting back into school for illustration, I need to hone the skills, yo.  Even if it is just some doodling in a sketchbook, I will draw something every day this year.  Maybe I'll even keep record and put up some posts of my work - we'll see.

In other news, the Steam Holiday Sale was kind to us. We got great deals on several of our wishlist titles, but sadly, many will not see installation or play any time soon, I'm sure. This is mainly because we have one machine between the two of us, and it is also the media server. We're working on rectifying the situation... It has become apparent that our next hardware purchase will need to be a good mechanical keyboard. For reasons *ahem* unknown, the "W" key seems to be wearing out on our crappy Dell rubber-dome board.

Since it is now January, and the Casting Page for Gearbox Software now says they "have reviewed all applications," I'm guessing this means they've found their Lilith, and she is not I.  *shrug*  Welp, that means I can take my mohawk back to its original glory, with a 3-guard buzz on the sides.


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