Thursday, March 29, 2012

Art. Gaming. And life getting in the way of the aforementioned two

     OK, ok. I've been bad. I admit it. I have not upheld the sacred pact that is the New Year's Resolution.  While I have done more drawing than in previous months, it has *not* been every single day.  I resolved more than I could deliver, methinks. So, in order to ease myself into the habit, I've been mulling over the idea of a "30 characters in 30 days" type exercise. April. 30 days. BAM. (I may be hitting up friends and acquaintances for ideas by mid-month, so I don't bore myself or inadvertently stay too far inside my comfort zone.)

Gaming-related stuff: 
     The D&D 4e campaign I'm in has been going strong since October. I am enjoying it immensely and have taken up the job of scribe for our adventure log, and do a lot of the wiki editing.  (We're on Obsidian Portal) The game has also given me plenty of inspiration for drawings. I'm beginning to think I'm a worldbuilder at heart with how much background I've created for my own character, whether or not it is needed for the campaign. (I play a male Eladrin Wizard, for the curious.)
     I have been putting some time into playing Bastion on PC lately. What a gorgeous game. Some of my observations so far: The look of classic RPG whimsy coupled with rich details and textures - invoking the feel of a watercolorist’s patient and loving brushwork. The bittersweet bluesy soundtrack paints a layer of moodiness atop the colorful landscapes. A narrator was a risky move, and easily could have been annoying or distracting. It is well implemented, however, and gives insight into the world without taking away from the player’s own sense of discovery.  I cannot imagine the game without Rucks’ voice telling the tale. 
    My 30th birthday yielded a backlit mechanical keyboard and a nice laser gaming mouse, which are nothing short of magical after dealing with the declining performance of the cheap hardware I'd been using. I'll likely get around to writing up proper reviews of my new toys in the near future.
     I *finally* got the Mister to give Borderlands a proper chance, and now he's enjoying it. A friend at work is also playing through for the first time, and I feel like some kind of oracle or sage, giving advice and commiserating with their hardships. I, myself, re-invigorated by the talk, have gotten back into playing regularly: I've gotten a second character up to max-level, and have nearly completed my no-commerce run.

     In other news, we moved. Back to the wretched, poorly-planned infrastructure that is C-ville. Nice apartment, but we've had more issues in the 2 months we've been here than I care to think about.  Not the least of which is my car getting totaled - backed into by the garbage truck. *sigh*  It was only a few weeks of irritation before the truck driver's insurance got sick of me and gave me a rental car and a decent pay-out. Our clothes dryer sounds like a there is an angry banshee rolling around inside it every time you turn it on.  But hey, at least we no longer have a roommate, or roommate's dog, or roommate's drunk friends, or roommate's boyfriend to deal with anymore. *commence happy-dance, naked, in my living room. 'cause I can do that now.* It appears we will only be at this place for the duration of the 1-year lease -- After the 2012 holiday season is over, the Mister has been approved for a transfer to the bay area market. SJSU, here I come. Though I can't wait to get back into school, being a 30-year-old college junior will be... interesting.


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